DietSensor powered by SCIO (Israel), the most intuitive tracker and nutritional coach for diabet

DietSensor provides a healthy way of life thanks to a scan and a connected application. Now, you can scan your food and beverage, analyze it, keep track of your diet and take care of yourself. This is possible thanks to the first pocket, Bluetooth, connected molecular sensor called SCiO, powered by Israeli company Consumer Physics. It uses something called near infrared spectroscopy to determine the chemical makeup of food and drinks. Each molecule in an aliment vibrates in its own unique way, and these vibrations interact with light to create a unique optical signature. Once you have input the foods, DietSensor, developed on the SCiO plarform, does the heavy calculations for you by figuring out what you should have more of or cut back on, based on your health profile. And if the product can not be scanned (because not homogeneous), there is a very ample food database.

DietSensor’s offer is not a simple gadget, it becomes a real daily partner for people who want or need to take care of their health, weight and diet; especially those suffering from a chronic disease related to nutrition. It highlights the importance of good food for a well-being. This new tool linked with the app already received the CES 2016 Best of Innovation Awards honoree. It appears now, as one of the twenty best digital innovations worldwide.

You may ask yourself “How does it work?”, “Is it really working and efficient?”, “Are all kind of food and beverage analyzable and scannable?” “Is it really personal?”

It’s possible to answer you by succinct explanations and a brief description but the best way to understand this incredible healthy innovation is to see it and to try it.

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