MyMDband (Israel) provides medical support teams access to the all a patient’s medical information within seconds

Crowdmii was founded by experienced Israeli businessmen and activists who are passionate about connecting Israel’s innovation to the world. According to Assaf Luxembourg, Crowdmii’s CEO and a known Israeli activist himself, “Crowdmii as just another crowdfunding platform is not our main goal; the main issue here is our vision – generating a new relationship between Israel and its supporters around the world.”

Crowdmii believes that the current and future campaigns for made-in-Israel-world-benefiting-technologies are exactly what should be used by activists when standing up for Israel, in front of movements such as BDS. Or, in the words of CEO Assaf Luxembourg: “We wish to provide better ammunition for those who fight in the fronts of the war for Israel’s name over the world”.

Crowdmii’s first portfolio venture is MyMDband – a lifesaving medical emergency bracelet.

MyMDband is a simple silicon bracelet with a stainless steel metal buckle, containing a unique laser engraved QR code, and PIN number on the back, which is able to provide medical support teams access to the all a patient’s medical information, within seconds, using no special equipment, practically in any language anywhere in the world. Based on an innovative system that adapts to any language, MyMDband   provides an immediate solution to one of the most critical problems in emergency medicine, responsible for some 100,000 deaths annually in the US alone: lack of access to a person’s medical information at the time of an emergency.

The really innovative part is less the bracelet itself, but more the system behind it. MyMDband’s technology automatically adapts and displays the medical information in the local medical professional’s language. Using the built-in GPS of the phone that scanned it, MyMDband automatically notifies the patient’s predefined emergency contacts, alerting them they are receiving treatment and may be in need of assistance, as well as providing their loved ones with their location.

MyMDband is fundraising for 36,000 USD to invest in their next development stage, while offering individuals their bracelets, enabling organizations to promote the campaign under their own name, and allowing communities to fund bracelets for those who need it, locally or abroad.

In a separate campaign, MyMDband is fundraising for 54,000 USD in order to fund its lifesaving bracelets for Holocaust survivors in Israel, a population for whom the product can prove very useful, yet may be unable to afford it.

Both MyMDband campaigns are currently running on Crowdmii

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