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The State of Israel views aliyah as a central component of our national strength. The Ministry of Aliyah and Immigrant Absorption has taken upon itself, in accordance with government policies, to implement programs designed to encourage aliyah. Such programs help to encourage economic and social growth and development, and are primarily aimed at young people, students, and young families who wish to establish their professional and social status in Israel.

Within the framework of this policy, the Ministry of Aliyah and Immigrant Absorption, through the auspices of the Center for Absorption in Science, assists in the cost of scholarships for research students (doctorates). The scholarships are given to new immigrants who have been accepted as research students through one of the universities.

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Candidates must be new immigrants who have been in Israel for up to two years from their date of aliyah, and who a recognized university  in Israel is willing to accept for doctoral studies. The age of a candidate accepted into the program must not exceed 37. A candidate for doctoral studies is usually required to take supplementary studies prior to acceptance to a research study track.
Therefore, a candidate can receive assistance in one of two tracks: Pre-doctoral track; first year as a researcher in a research team, and the next two years on a doctorate scholarship.
Doctorate track; three-year scholarship as a research student.
The pre-doctoral track allows new immigrants to find an academic research advisor during their first year, and to take any necessary supplementary courses and the G.R.E. exam, in addition to working as an immigrant scientist with a master’s degree.
Following acceptance to a university, students must apply to the university office responsible for providing scholarships to research students, generally the Academic Secretary.
The relevant office will review the application and should it approve, will apply to the Center for Absorption in Science in order to obtain Ministry of Aliyah and Immigrant Absorption participation in funding the scholarship costs.
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Registration at CIS:

Technology and Exact Sciences : Mrs Ella Milshtein: allam@moia.gov.il

Human Sciences: Mrs Liron Yogev: LironY@moia.gov.il

Life sciences and medicine: Mrs Ella Budanov: elab@moia.gov.il

Foreign affairs: Mr Hoor Japheth (CIS): hoori@moia.gov.il

Head of CIS: Monsieur Omri Ingber: omrii@moia.gov.il

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