TypeTime LLC is an Android-based standalone smartwatch with an integrated keyboard

Today, Snapkeys’ subsidiary company TypeTime LLC is introducing the iType Smartwatch, an Android-based standalone smartwatch with an integrated keyboard. Now you can receive, type and send messages, make calls, track your health, or run any Android app, directly from your wrist. Science fiction has become a reality!

For more than a decade, the Snapkeys team has been working on solving the fundamental problem of the mobile industry; namely how to input text in a harmonious manner on any mobile device regardless of the size of its screen.

The company has a history of inventing state-of-the-art keyboards. After testing these keyboards in user communities, we noticed that although people greatly appreciated its unique approach, they were not ready to learn a new letter arrangement, even for a radical keyboard with just four keys. So, the company decided to adapt its state-of-the-art techniques to an interface that everyone is used to. This goal of comfortably typing on any size device, in a familiar manner, has now been achieved.

SnapKeys has decided to immediately introduce its own smartwatch. We made this decision based on the fact that current smartwatches do not have a fast, comfortable, and intelligent typing capability of connecting users, always and instantly, to other users, especially in situations where time matters.

TypeTime has selected a beautiful and robust smartwatch model and has begun to integrate sophisticated hardware components and software that run a full Android operating system. TypeTime will integrate its unique keyboard technology and other proprietary user interface into its smartwatch, which we’re calling iType™.

All SnapKeys technologies are protected by a significant number of patents filed globally.

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