Technion: 2 israeli arabs invent the world’s smallest computer – all wrapped up and ready to go

At 2” X 2” X 2” the CuBox-i is the tiniest computer in the world. Its elegant enclosure makes it ideal for mini-computing solutions – while its size is perfect for integrated solutions. Take advantage of the wide variety of features, interfaces and processor options, including onboard real-time clock, in selecting the solution that’s just right for you.

Silent, still and long-lasting

With no mechanical moving parts, the CuBox-i is ultra-silent – a strong advantage for multimedia products, where internal fans or hard drive clicks will detract from the user experience. The absence of fans or other moving parts also means that the CuBox-i is built for long life.

Every meaning of cool

One of the CuBox-i’s greatest feats is that it stays utterly cool – even at extended 100% utilization. Smart thermal engineering, combined with highly-efficient components and overdesigned devices result in rapid heat dissipation and a computer that remains cool and functional at all times.

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