SnapKeys Launches Q4 Keyboard – The Invisible Mobile Keyboard for Android – The Coolest, Quickest, and Easiest Mobile Floating Keyboard for QWERTY users

Q4 Keyboard by Snapkeys Q4 Keyboard by Snapkeys

We love our mobile devices; they are a part of our everyday life. People love to text, search, email, and share photos and stay connected – Q4 Keyboard enables mobile users to easily and comfortably read/write/edit their mobile content such as text, emails, photos, search, etc. Bring your mobile phone experience to a new level and keeping you connected

Immediate adoption : Everyone knows how to use a QWERTY keyboard.

Speed typing : No need to look and move your fingers excessively to type precisely on tiny keys, as you do today.

Accurate : A unique word prediction technology that also learns the words you type and builds a personal dictionary.

Floating resizable keyboard : Move it anywhere on your screen.

Full access to the screen : A 4-key QWERTY keyboard that does not get in the way.

Incredible Short’nd™ feature : Spell quicker, type even faster and more accurately.

ONE Thumb typing : So now you can multi-task, by drinking coffee and texting at the same time.

TWO Thumbs typing : Enables you to type on your touchscreen as fast as you do on a PC keyboard.

Benjamin Ghassabian, is the CEO and founder of SnapKeys. This iranian jew arrived in Israel when he was twenty and studied at Haddas Community College (1972) in the field of Computer Science, and graduated as a System Analyst. Work experience includes: System Analyst at Bourghs, Head of Development (at Malam) for the Department of Office Automation and Senior Developer of word the processor called Illem, selected for ILA prize.  Israel’s first Custom Tariff Book and publication was edited by this word processor.

He predicted changes in the mobile handset market, namely those changes relating to the transfer of data and de-emphasis of voice, and, at that the time, saw no solution for data entry in the market.  He predicted the advent of touch screen devices and since 1999 he has been developing patents and touch screen technology.

Combining his experience and knowledge of computing and user behavior, and predicting touch screen device technology, he developed Snapkeys’ input method technology.  The technology has received an excellent response from the press and media, and has been selected as a finalist for awards at the CTIA tradeshow, and was honored as 2014 CES Innovations Design and Engineering Awards Honoree in the category of Software & Mobile Apps.

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