Global warming: NeoTop Water (Israel) allows for significant reduction of evaporation

NeoTop Water Systems Limited develops and manufactures the TopUp Ball System  – a state-of-the-art modular cover system (patent-pending), which solves a wide-range of problems related to open water reservoirs. Up to 50% of water in reservoirs is lost due to evaporation. The evaporation increases water salinity, which may make it unusable. Open water reservoirs also suffer from the growth of harmful algae which block pipes.

Birds are a significant hazard to aeroplanes and in order to deter them, regulation all over the world requires reservoirs near airports to be covered. The unique and innovative design of the TopUp Ball System allows for significant reduction of evaporation while cooling the water, maintaining high water quality, reducing growth of algae and preserving a healthy ecosystem.

The system also serves as an effective bird deterrent. The company’s TopUp Ball System won the Israeli Prime Minister Award for Entrepreneurship & Innovation in 2014, has undergone extensive testing by Mekorot (the Israel National Water Company) and had been approved as a bird deterrent by the Israeli Air Force and by world-renowned ornithologists.

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