Melcap (Israel): a wireless solution to simulate the feeling of satiety

The MelCap innovative system is based on a guided disposable ingestible autonomous wireless stimulating capsule with variable volume positioned in the human Gastrointestinal Tract (GI) and fixed at a targeted location by a magnetic system attached to the body [non-invasively].The capsule is wirelessly controlled from outside. Company applied for the IP protection, and recently got patent allowance from the US Patent Office, which claimed various designs of the capsule and the system.

2.1 billion people — about 30 per cent of the global population — are overweight or obese and that about 15 per cent of health-care costs in developed economies are driven by it.

The innovation is based on a guided, disposable, swallowable capsule positioned in the Human Gastrointestinal Tract (GI) and fixed by a magnetic system attached to the body [non-invasive]. The capsule is wirelessly controlled from outside.

Present Status of MelCap

Company received grant from OCS – The Office of the Chief Scientist in the Israel Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor – project was examined and approved

Capsule First Prototype Mechanical Design completed

Electronic Concept completed

Magnetic fixation feasibility and proof of concept study was prepared and successfully validated


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