IIA Selects Machines to Establish the Israeli Quantum Computing Center for NIS 100 Million on Three Years

Dr Ami Appelbaum Dr Ami Appelbaum

Israel is establishing a first-of-its-kind quantum center that includes three different quantum technologies with a joint control layer. Orit Farkash HaCohen, Minister of Innovation, Science and Technology: “The establishment of the quantum computing center presents a substantial leap in the Israeli civilian technology’s fortitude. The strategic support provided by the Israel Innovation Authority along with additional actions taken by my office, the Ministry of Innovation, Science and Technology, including collaborations with the USA in this field, will enable us to advance Israel’s industry and secure its technological leadership.”

Dr. Ami Appelbaum, Chairman of the Israel Innovation Authority: “The goal of this program is to establish Israel’s capabilities in a future infrastructure technology and support the development of both the Israeli industry and academia via quantum computing. The center will provide services in response to technological needs that will enable Israeli industry and academia to access R&D infrastructure that will advance existing technological innovation in the industry by leaps and bounds. This center is the answer to an existing strategic market failure and is part of the authority’s policy of enabling the industry to maintain its leading position at the forefront of breakthrough and disruptive technologies.”

The quantum computing center will enable, for the first time worldwide, access to research and development in all layers of hardware and software on three different quantum processing technologies (superconducting qubits, cold ions and optic computer). The center will provide services to the Israeli quantum computing community in both industry and academia by providing a full stack quantum computer at their service, to run direct computations with a future option for cloud accessibility.

From the very beginning, the center will include Israeli technologies from Classiq IQ and Quantum Machines as well as globally leading technologies which will enable a fully operational infrastructure within 12-18 months with over 50 qubits computing power (at least at one technology).

The center will integrate dedicated quantum computing solutions with research challenges such as optimization, simulations, machine learning and various components for dealing with size and noise levels limitations of quantum computing.

As part of the National Quantum Initiative, run by the TELEM Forum (National Infrastructure for R&D), MAFAT – The Israeli Ministry of Defense Directorate of Defense Research and Development (DDR&D) will issue an additional tender to finance the development of quantum technologies for military use for the State of Israel for another 100 million, thus amounting to a total joint budget of NIS 200 million for the entire quantum program.

The investment was directed in two complementary channels. The first step, which was completed today, is designed to provide a solution for several quantum computing research and development groups that operate in Israel, while collecting both knowledge and relevant human capital. The main vision is to establish Israeli capabilities in key future technology designed for financial and security dual applications.

The center will provide R&D services to the entire Israeli innovation ecosystem, for developments such as designated quantum processors for various algorithms, development of processing topologies for VQA to solve optimization challenges, algorithms for the control of signals’ engineering to improve handling of noise and signal processing performance, development of interconnected technologies between components, development of techniques, algorithms to correct errors and more.

The establishment of the center will help in reducing R&D costs, enable accessibility to knowledge and guide researchers via a designated technical team, and provide a base for training new personnel for this newly growing innovation ecosystem.

In doing so, the Innovation Authority enables to promote the business potential inherent in quantum computation R&D, supports startup companies that operate in Israel today and attracts global talents who will want to use the center.

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