Electric propulsion: Plastic Omnium creates a start-up with ELBIT Systems (Israel)

Laurent Burelle, PDG de Plastic Omnium Laurent Burelle, PDG de Plastic Omnium

Plastic Omnium, the world leader in exterior components and modules and in fuel systems, is stepping up its research to contribute to the future evolution of cars, by continuing to further reduce vehicle emissions.

The company is already present on the emissions control market with its SCR system, as well as its pressurized fuel tank systems for hybrid vehicles. It is now positioned as an actor in vehicle propulsion systems using hydrogen and fuel cells.

At the Paris Motor Show (Mondial de l’Automobile), the Group is presenting a high-pressure hydrogen storage prototype that can provide considerable autonomy and a recharge time of only 3 minutes, versus several hours for electric vehicles.

Fuel cells will allow electric vehicles to overcome problems related to autonomy and recharge times that are currently restricting their development. Plastic Omnium and the Israeli company ELBIT Systems have just created a start-up, POCellTech, working with fuel cells and supercapacitors. A joint research center recently opened in Caesarea, Israel. Plastic Omnium provides its automobile expertise in the management of electronic systems and fluids. The company’s know-how, and ELBIT Systems’ existing developments are coming together to create a fuel cell with very low precious metal content, as well as a new range of supercapacitors.
The research team, based in Belgium and in Israel, is now made up of 50 people.

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