(Français) Energie solaire : Israël a surmonté les contraintes technologiques

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Revolutionary ray tracing: Israeli company ADSHIR towards total realism

Adshir, after 4 years of research and development, has finally achieved what is unknown and thought imposible (to create a new technology with great...

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Aerial missions and near vision: 32 fighter pilots overcome the limits of presbyopia

The scientific journal Vision Research publishes a study[1] revealing that even people with higher than average visual abilities can improve their near vision with...

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La délégation du KKL chez MobilEye

Israel Today and Tomorrow 2017: KKL delegation in Jerusalem

In Jerusalem, the KKL France Israel Today and Tomorrow Mission learned about Jerusalem’s past and how it looks forward into the future. KKL France’s...

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Weizmann (Israel): Scallop eyes act just like 200 tiny telescopes

Ocean creatures are known for their weird eyes, but scallops have one of the weirdest visual systems of all. These marine bivalves (above) have...

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Healthymize’s AI detects patient symptoms by analyzing voice and breathing

Israeli medical startup Healthymize has developed technology that uses artificial intelligence to analyze the voice and breathing of patients via a regular voice call...

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Rony Laor-Maayany et Rotem Amar-Halpert, étudiantes à l'École des sciences psychologiques et à l’École des neurosciences de l’Université de Tel-Aviv

Tel-Aviv University: A New Alternative to “Practice Makes Perfect”

A new Tel Aviv University study finds that brief memory reactivations can replace repeated extensive practice and training — commonly known as “practice makes...

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Hebrew U.: Researchers remotely detect buried landmines using fluorescent bacteria

The need for safe and efficient technologies for detecting buried landmines and unexploded ordnance is a humanitarian issue of immense global proportions. About half...

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